Impressum & Kontakt


    You'll find glass beads, made in the tradition of a very old hand craft.
    In particular, I am oriented in the way the old Italian, Venetian glass beads were made.
    Glass material in the form of Glass rods in various colors is also still produced on the island of Murano, near Venice, there are also other producers of glass rods,for example, the Lauschafarbglashütte in Germany.
    The present days offers new opportunities to produce glass beads, for example,
    the glass beads on this page are made with a special torch, this torch melts the glass rods
    and then they are turned on a stainless steel rod and then wrapped in the basic shape.

    The processing of glass beads is depending on the technology and resources,
    for example, with enamel powder, silver or gold foil or glass pieces are numerous and almost infinite possibilities.

    For having a long life, they are digitally kiln controlled,the beads where in the kiln for several hours , by controlled heat and and then they are carefully and slowly cooled down.
    How likely it is not difficult to see,that nature is a major source of inspiration for the collection of colors and shapes.

    Enjoy the show!

    Gaby Servayge